Youth Development

Almost 50% of Yeppoon SLSC’s membership is under the age of 18 and we acknowledge that Youth members have unique needs due to their social, emotional and physical development and growth. Consequently, we aim to establish an environment that nurtures these members and provides them with an opportunity to grow.
It is recognised that surf lifesaving programs, and in particular Yeppoon SLSC, plays a vital role in developing not only the physical aspect but also the psychological, social and emotional attributes of young people. Yeppoon SLSC’s youth development program provides a safe, educational and enjoyable environment that promotes the Australian way of life and a healthy active lifestyle.
To ensure that our youth are being engaged, co-ordinated, recognised, rewarded and mentored, senior members of Yeppoon have undertaken a number of key initiatives and a long term commitment to working with our young people.

Membership Fees

2015/16 Season

  • Family – $270
  • Junior/Nipper – $90

It is recommended that at least one parent or legal guardian be/become a financial Yeppoon SLSC member.